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Guest Photographer - Roy Howarth


Roy Howarth is well known in railway enthusiast circles and is a past SETS President and past Editor of SETS Newsletter "Under The Wires". Many of Roy's photographs and articles have previously appeared in UTW and on this Web-site. Roy was one of the founding members of SETS in 1991. He has since gone on to co-author a number of books on Sydney's single-deck red-sets.

This was the first SETS web-site Guest Photographer feature of the new millenium, dating from February 2001. With narrow single-deck suburban trains back in Sydney, for historical interest we again present Roy's selection of wide-body single-deck images taken from his vast photographic collection.

Wooden driving-trailer D4004 and T4344 (with its windows boarded up) on Elcar's "Rotten Row", September 1987.
Moving almost at snail’s pace, Leeds Forge motor-car C3148 and Walsh Island trailer T4514 lead set H13 out of Lavender Bay Car Sidings near the water’s edge to the shunting neck at Waverton, thence to North Sydney where the set will take up peak-hour running. This photo was taken in October 1987, not long before 3148 was sent to Carriage Works for an overhaul which saw it fitted with Beclawat windows, a new interior and an Airmate pantograph.
C3371 and T4315 on the departure road at Elcar, September 1987. C3371 was one of the few Standard motor-cars to retain the original end-windows (without rubber-mountings), porcelain insulators and enamelled grabrails. This car was scrapped in 1990.
Two contrasting eras of Melbourne electric traction crossed paths at Spencer Street on Saturday 5 November 1993. Tait 317M (preserved at Seymour) arrives with its four-car tour set, whilst the Four-D Train heads into the City Loop Underground
Condemned Standard suburban motor-car C3249 laid up and used as a storage shed at the back of Elcar on 15 December 1985. This was the last of the Standard motor-cars to retain its windows in the doorway recesses up until it was withdrawn from service in September 1983.
The No.1 end of Walsh Island Dockyard trailer car T4399 in mid-1987, shortly before its interior was repainted to two-tone green livery. This car retained its enamelled crush-load grab rails, upon which strap-hangers were fitted.
C3371 at Platform 1 at Chatswood awaiting the 5:13pm departure for its evening-peak run to Penrith in mid-1986. Note its original logo has been painted out and the SRA “candy-stripe” logo applied in its place.
C3288 and T4501 in weekend storage at Rockdale platform 1 in mid-1988. C3288 was one of a handful of motor-cars to receive private contractor overhauls (in this case at Landown Eng. of Taree), but not have Beclawat windows installed. The body of this car is now at the western Sydney suburb of Castlereagh.
The only single-deck car to carry the candy-stripe livery was Elcar’s “Super Shunter” C3660, which was formerly Parcel Van 3772, which in turn was converted from Standard passenger motor car C3318. This car is now at Hornsby Maintenance Centre, where it was repainted yellow. C3660 is shown near one of the traversers at Elcar in 1993, less than 12 months before Elcar Workshops was closed.
Three car set Y2, consisting of cars C3359, T4456 and C3467, at Carlingford on a quiet Sunday in 1990. Both 3359 and 3467 received overhauls at Goninans at Broadmeadow in the early-1980's, of which 3359 was the first single-deck suburban car to receive an overhaul since Elcar overhauls ceased in December, 1978.
Wooden suburban cars T4186 and C3080 at Elcar in 1993. Both cars were retained at Elcar for use as Band Practise Rooms
C3122 ("The Giraffe") leads the first Zoo Train, set H22, through Martin Place after a promotional run to Bondi Junction on Saturday 15th July 1991. Note the original indicator set to the once traditional stopping pattern for off-peak Cronulla trains.
C3468 ("The Snake") laid up at Carriage Works, Eveleigh in mid 1992 after the mass withdrawal of single deck suburbans from service. Sadly, C3468 was scrapped at this location less than twelve menths later.
Accident-damaged interurban motor-car CF5002 with cars T4434 (left) and C3321. Note that 3321 has lost its window “elbow bars” and had its motor bogie replaced with an MR-type trailer bogie.
C3157 and set H13 laid up at Rosehill Racecourse awaiting the return of punters after the last race during June 1990. Note the paper “Race Train” sign affixed to the front door window.
C3102 & T4279 were the star attractions in this mid-1986 ARHS tour at Carlingford, which was also one of the very last trains to visit the Ropes Creek branch. Other cars on this tour were T4391 and parcel vans 3773 & 3779.
Blue & white Tulloch motor-car C7507 with set H13 (again!!) at Hornsby in August 1987. C7507 was one of a handful of single-deck cars to retain the PTC blue & white livery, but a “Redfern” overhaul (which included an indian-red repaint and Beclawat windows) wasn’t too far away.
Sputnik trailer car T4779 is now part of “The Old Train Stop” restaurant near the “Dog on the Tuckerbox” at Gundagai, and can easily be seen from the Hume Highway. A number of ex-NSWGR wooden “R” and “L” type cars are used as Dining cars as part of the restaurant itself. T4779 is shown sitting high and dry during Easter 1998.
C3250 awaits a 5:13pm departure from Chatswood Platform 1 on Run 122 to Penrith in 1985. T4474 is on the left. The "Non Smoking" signs and white logos were soon to disappear from these cars. The trees behind the train were removed when the site was redeveloped. Unfortunately, these photos are no longer possible with the removal of the terminating road.

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