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Guest Photographer - Roy Howarth


Roy Howarth is well known in railway enthusiast circles and is a past SETS President and past Editor of SETS Newsletter "Under The Wires". Many of Roy's photographs and articles have previously appeared in UTW and on this Web-site. Roy was one of the founding members of SETS in 1991. He has since gone on to co-author a number of books on Sydney's single-deck red-sets.

This was the first SETS web-site Guest Photographer feature of the new millenium, dating from February 2001. With narrow single-deck suburban trains back in Sydney, for historical interest we again present Roy's selection of wide-body single-deck images taken from his vast photographic collection.

Blue & white Tulloch motor-car C7507 with set H13 (again!!) at Hornsby in August 1987. C7507 was one of a handful of single-deck cars to retain the PTC blue & white livery, but a “Redfern” overhaul (which included an indian-red repaint and Beclawat windows) wasn’t too far away.

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