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Guest Photographer - Roy Howarth


Roy Howarth is well known in railway enthusiast circles and is a past SETS President and past Editor of SETS Newsletter "Under The Wires". Many of Roy's photographs and articles have previously appeared in UTW and on this Web-site. Roy was one of the founding members of SETS in 1991. He has since gone on to co-author a number of books on Sydney's single-deck red-sets.

This was the first SETS web-site Guest Photographer feature of the new millenium, dating from February 2001. With narrow single-deck suburban trains back in Sydney, for historical interest we again present Roy's selection of wide-body single-deck images taken from his vast photographic collection.

The only single-deck car to carry the candy-stripe livery was Elcar’s “Super Shunter” C3660, which was formerly Parcel Van 3772, which in turn was converted from Standard passenger motor car C3318. This car is now at Hornsby Maintenance Centre, where it was repainted yellow. C3660 is shown near one of the traversers at Elcar in 1993, less than 12 months before Elcar Workshops was closed.

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