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Guest Photographer - Glenn Ryan


Glenn Ryan has been a keen railway photographer for many years and has made a concerted effort to capture single deck electric train operations in their final years. He has contributed material to Under The Wires, Railway Digest and other publications. Glenn previously worked for Freightcorp as an electrical fitter in a depot in country New South Wales. He has since gone on to co-author a number of books on Sydney's single-deck red-sets.

This was the second SETS web-site Guest Photographer feature of the new millenium, dating from July 2001. With narrow single-deck suburban trains back in Sydney, for historical interest we again present Glenn's selection of wide-body single-deck images taken from his vast photographic collection.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was a good location to observe afternoon single deck running. The North Shore line would feed trains to the western and northern lines and as a result it was common to have a number of single deck sets follow each other. The afternoon road traffic is building up on the 1932 opened structure as C7420 drops downgrade towards Milsons Point station with set M7 on Tuesday 27 November, 1990.
After the withdrawal of the original Zoo Train, set H22, a W Set was repainted in a striking green livery. C3714 leads set W2 out of Revesby and towards the City on run 204 from East Hills on Thursday 12 August, 1993.
It was unusual to see single deck sets rostered to work on weekends up to their withdrawal. The Carlingford line did bring some variety to the metropolitan scene with the allocation of three car Y sets to provide shuttle services between Clyde and Carlingford. 7000 series power car C7310, retaining its early 1970s two tone green interior leads T4381 and C7507 on set Y1 towards Parramatta Road level crossing on Sunday 22 April, 1990.
Having grown up around the Epping area I was fortunate to experience daily, the main northern line rail scene in the 1980s. Easily impressed as an adolescent by the sight of single deck sets groaning upgrade from Eastwood and of course by the sounds of Alco diesel electric locomotives dragging their loads northbound. The working week is nearly over for the commuters as C3255 and T4405 trail set H9 on the afternoon of Friday 15 December, 1989 at an unrefurbished Epping station.
A short lived oddity on the Carlingford line was the rostering of four car single deck B sets. The sets were also used to form eight car services to Elcar Workshops at Chullora. Tulloch power car C7505 heads set B3 uphill towards Carlingford on run 290B on the morning of Monday 22 June, 1992.
Tulloch power car C7524 trails set H25 out of Central and towards the City on Saturday 26 January, 1991. An afternoon storm has drenched the electric platforms and the interior of C7524, with the set rostered to provide extra services on the Australia Day holiday.
It is 1615 at Redfern station on Thursday 11 October, 1990 with the three configurations of single deck sets awaiting the all clear from station staff to depart. Power cars C7384, C7306 and C3732 will lead their respective sets under the now demolished footbridge at Redfern station which provided a vantage spot to view passing sets.
Set U5 travels through Newcastle West and towards Hamilton station on Tuesday 19 April, 1994. Original window power car CF5035 heads TF6006, ETB6035 and CF5028 south on the journey to Gosford.
Brown and green interior power car CF5003 curves set U2 into Dora Creek on run N175 to Gosford on Friday 18 December, 1992. A CityRail program to refurbish stations has just been completed at Dora Creek, CF5003 is now preserved by SETS.
With both pantographs raised a grimy electric locomotive 8609 draws NE36, the "Grafton Express" south towards Wyong on Sunday 4 December 1990.
The stretch of track between Burwood and Newtown passes many fine heritage buildings. The evolution of housing designs from the Victorian, Federation and Inter War period can be observed during the journey. On Friday 27 December 1991, the original Zoo Train, set H22, led by C3330. "The Zebra" heads towards the city and past Federation Period housing at Stanmore.
With the withdrawal of eight car single deck sets a sense of urgency was created to record M sets on film. Now transferred to Sector Two, set M4 awaits its 1325 departure from Liverpool to Wynyard via Regents Park on run 203 on Wednesday 20 January, 1993.
For a period set H2 ran with a Tulloch double deck trailer as part of its consist. The winter afternoon sun highlights the indian red painted sides of C3104, the oldest power car in passenger service at the time, as the Leeds Forge built car heads H2 towards Normanhurst on Friday 28 June, 1991.
The date is Friday 16 November, 1990 and the photographer is pondering over HSC exams, an impending job interview and the evenings farewell high school formal. Parcel vans 3774 and 3775 haul DMT 9207 into Strathfield station from Flemington Maintenance Centre enroute to the asbestos removal facility at Redfern.
Depicting three different colour schemes, electric locomotives 4607, 4603 and 4630 haul 4355 freight to Broadmeadow yards through the late winter afternoon sun at Wyong on Saturday 22 August, 1992.

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