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Guest Photographer - Greg Oates


Greg Oates has worked on the railways for several years at Eveleigh, Sydney Terminal and the various electric maintenance centres. He frequently has a camera with him at the right moment to capture that special shot. Greg has also released a number of videos on the electric railways of Australia's east coast.

As our Guest Photographer, Greg presents a number of night shots taken at electric maintenance depots - Night Shift. All pictures are at Hornsby Maintenance Centre unless otherwise stated.

C3528 at the head of set K95 set K85. 1998.
CF5008 at the head of U-Boat Set U13 waits for its scheduled departure at 4.35 am from Flemington Maintenance Centre. June 1989.
Com-Eng cars C3758 & C3966. 1999.
Ready for another day. Tangara sets T90, T81 and T86, a K set and Outer Tangara set G27. 6 December 1995.
Tangara sets T89, T81, T66 and T72. 1995.
Tangara Driving Trailer D6178. 1996.
Set K81, Outer Tangara set G26. 6 Dec 1995.
Reflections of a Tangara. 6 December 1995.
Set S76 with CityDecker Series 2 liveried driving trailer D4051. 8 December 1995.
Another view of set S76 with lead car C3855. 8 December 1995.
Driving trailer T4046. 1999.

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