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8606 Moves To Hornsby


SETS' most recent acquisition, electric locomotive 8606, was moved from it's old home at Lithgow Locomotive Maintenance Centre to Hornsby Maintenance Centre on Monday 31st March 2003. The movement was run as train number X750, and your website editor was on board to take photographs of the event. A number of these images are presented below. Click on the thumbnail images to view the full size image. Photographs taken on Monday 31st March 2003 by Matthew Doyle unless specified.

8606 stands inside the running shed at Lithgow for it's inspection prior to running. Tuesday 25th March 2003
Photograph by Hugh Burns
8606 basks in a short burst of Lithgow sun outside the running shed at Lithgow on Friday 28th March 2003. 8606 was prepared for its running on Monday, and was placed on the air to ensure reliable running and to charge the batteries following the replacement of one battery.
In the wee hours of Monday morning, 8606 awaits it's trip on the air, in the same place outside the running shed at Lithgow, only darker!
Waiting for the Indian Pacific and two V-set interurban services, 8606 stands opposite Lithgow Coal Stage Signal Box, still within the Lithgow Loco Yard. Being about 6:15am, the sun is only just starting to make its presence felt.
Following an interurban service over the mountains made for a slow trip. The crew takes advantage of a short wait at Katoomba to grab a coffee for the road, as 8606 looks on from the up platform.
Crossing an Interurban service which is waiting by the Down platform, 8606 glides through Bullaburra Station.
Photograph by Michael McGinty
Pacific National units 8109, 8250, 8181 and 8172 can be seen from the cab of 8606 leading a freight train through Flemington Markets. Visible to the left of the windscreen (inside the cab) is the Hasler speed recorder.
Another long wait was taken at Epping, as our destination was not yet ready for our arrival. During this time a number of passenger trains passed 8606, barely attracting the attention the patrons on board. In this view, an un-targetted V-set rockets through Epping, having already stopped at Eastwood, bound for the Central Coast.
Number 11 road at Hornsby Maintenance Centre is the new home for 8606. Having stabled at this location, 8606 rests among the other residents at HMC, including the single deck shunters and a double deck S-set.

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