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The Ropes Creek Line


Now in the process of being removed, the Ropes Creek line branches off the Sydney's main Western line at St. Marys. This line served the munitions factories at the St Marys ADI site. Two of the stations on the line, Cochrane and the Ropes Creek terminus were within Commonwealth property, and thus were unseen by the public for most of their working years. Duplicated and electrified in 1957, the line was officially closed in 1986, the line and infrastructure lying derelict for over fifteen years. Surrounded by recent media coverage, plans will see residential development inside what was the ADI site, and will see the remains of the railway line removed. These views portray the line in its disused but largely complete state during the mid-1990s.

A view of the timber station building at Ropes Creek station. The building includes a signal box for control of the terminus and goods siding. The platform surface was originally crushed gravel, but has succumb to overgrowth by grass and other greenery. Note also the substantial overhead wiring structures evident.
An internal view of the signal box and booking office within the station building at Ropes Creek.
Looking towards the terminus, the pedestrian overbridge and stairs to access the platform of Ropes Creek station.
The name-sake of the line and terminal station, Ropes Creek, runs under the line not far in from the boundary gates at Forrester Road. The double track crosses the creek on timber trestle underbridge shown here.
Cochrane lies a short throw from the terminus at Ropes Creek, still inside the ADI property. This station represents a typical 1950s station scene, complete with scrolled light posts, low wire fences, and concrete platforms.
The lower-quandrant signal gantry allowing trains to enter Ropes Creek station. The left semaphore permits trains to enter the Down platform, the centre to enter the up platform, and the right to enter the run-around loop.
An example of the more modern signalling practices also used on the line. Shrouded between overgrowth are double coloured-light signals controlling both running lines south of Cochrane.
The platform and remains of the station building at Dunheved, showing many signs of being accessible to the public. The station building was destroyed, the only remains seen in this view are the signal frame and part of the wall of the gentleman's lavatory.
A view of the extensive yard provided at Dunheved. Looking West, below is the station platform with the through lines, and to the right are the four lines provided for goods working.

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