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U-Boats and Bogies


Saturday 10th January 2004 saw two unusual train movements by SETS. A pair of 46-class bogies were collected from Chullora to be placed in storage as spares at Goulburn Roundhouse. The opposite journey was utilised by transferring two single-deck electric intercity ("U-boat") cars to Sydney for restoration appraisal. The train to Sydney was marshalled at Goulburn Roundhouse on Friday 9th January, with the final consist being: locomotive 4807, CF5021, CF5003, FS2021, SCN1740, BHM1738. After leaving the U-boat cars at Hornsby, the bogies were collected from Chullora. The locomotive and three passenger cars straddled the 46-class bogies for the trip to Goulburn. For further detail about the movements, refer to the article in the April 2004 edition of Under the Wires. Photographs by Matthew Doyle except as noted.

4807 shunts CF5003 from the turntable onto the ARHS cars at Goulburn on the Friday.
CF5021 bursts into the sunlight as the shunting tractor strains onto the turntable.
A view of the locomotive from the driver's cab of CF5021 on the trip to Sydney on Saturday. Visible ahead is an upper-quadrant semaphore signal, still found in the Southern Highlands.
Amid double-deck K-set and S-set carriages, 4807 runs around the train in preparation of shunting the consist at Hornsby. [Michael McGinty Photograph]
Not long before 3am Sunday, the carriages are stabled on the back platform at Goulburn. Meanwhile, the locomotive and bogies are detached for the short trip down to the roundhouse.

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