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Hornsby's Shunters


Hornsby Maintenance Centre (HMC) is located between the station of the same name and Asquith station. It housed three former electric single deck power cars that had been altered for use as shunters. Nick-named "Bugsy", 3652 is still in use attached to the Windhoff washplant vehicle and is used to tow electric sets through the washplant at the depot. 3650 (Named "Bert") and 3660 (Often referred to as the "super shunter" thanks to a Superman 'S' logo previously applied to it) had been in storage in one of the sheds for some time. On Saturday 7th May 2005, 3650 and 3660 were transferred to Redfern carriageworks in an effort to provide more space within HMC required by the new timetable. Diesel locomotive 4908 hauled the two cars up the main through Epping, Strathfield and Newtown to Elston's sidings at Redfern.

Loco 4908 closes up to 3660 at Hornsby MC.
Photograph: Michael McGinty
The consist races along the up main, shown here approaching Ashfield station.
Photograph: Matthew Doyle
"Bert" (3650) at the rear of the consist as it arrive at Redfern station (Platform 1), prior to being propelled into the Carriageworks Yard.
Photograph: Michael McGinty
The consist shunts into Elston's sidings at Redfern.
Photograph: Michael McGinty
R-024.jpg Whilst the loco was on site, it was also used to shunt other stock around the yard, seen here moving withdrawn Tulloch double deck cars and a loco-hauled carriage.
Photograph: Michael McGinty

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