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Heritage EOI Cars


In 2008, RailCorp completed an expression of interest process to dispose of non-core movable heritage assets. SETS applied for and successfullly acquired three historically significant electric suburban passengers cars. In December 2008, the cars were moved by rail to Chullora Workshops, where they were subsequently transferred to a truck by crane for removal to indoor storage. (Note, some images have been digitally altered to obscure graffiti)

The unusual side door layout can be clearly seen in this side profile view of C3082 at Chullora, December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
An interior view of C3082 at Chullora reveals a long gone era of Sydney train travel. December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
Displaying a bright blue & white livery applied whilst in preservation, C3444 waits with the other SETS carriages for transfer to truck at Chullora, December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
At Chullora, C3104 is separated from the other cars and is prepared for lifting onto the truck. December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
With one end already lifted onto the prime mover, the crane raises the number 1 end of C3104 to place onto the truck's dolly. Chullora, December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
Lifting complete, C3104 is ready to depart Chullora, December 2008. (Photograph: Michael McGinty)
Having been set aside for preservation, C3444 was stored outside ELCAR after withdrawal, seen here in 1994. (Photograph: Paul Matthews collection)

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