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South Coast Chopper Tour


On Saturday 31st March 2012, SETS operated the South Coast Chopper tour, featuring recently overhaulsed set C8 which consisted of cars C3598, T4249, T4264 and C3606. We present a selection of images captured on the day.

C8 is crawling into Sydney Terminal's platform 1 to commence the tour, which visited Bondi Junction, Cronulla, Kiama and Port Kembla.
(Photograph: Michael McGinty)
C8 pauses for a photo stop at Allawah, on the way to Cronulla.
(Photograph: Michael McGinty)
C3606 leads the way to Kiama on the South Coast Chopper set tour, which has paused for a photostop at Coledale.
(Photograph: Michael McGinty)
C8 was shunted to the electric storage siding at Kiama whilst tour patrons enjoyed a 90 minute lunch break. This view shows the set returning to the platform to continue the tour after lunch. The train was destined for Sydney to conclude the tour, with a visit to Port Kembla along the way!
(Photograph: Michael McGinty)
C3606 trails C8 on the SETS South Coast Chopper Tour at Port Kembla North.
(Photograph: Michael McGinty)
The South Coast Chopper tour passes by scenic Bombo Beach, north bound from Kiama to Wollongong and Port Kembla.
(Photograph: Andrew Coble)

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