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8606 Is Back In Action Again


In 2018 SETS partnered with Pacific National to reactivate 8606 for use on heritage excursions and for use by Sydney Trains on their Robel Rail train. This gallery page showcases various images of the loco and covers the major events since the loco returned to Lithgow on the 17th June.
More images will be added in due course.

Keeping 8606 operational involves quite a number of people working behind the scenes. Some tasks need specialists beyond SETS, Pacific National or their maintenance contractor Progress Rail. Rebuilding of worn and damaged pantographs is one example of critical works needing such knowledge and expertise, together with specialist parts. Here we see LRW's pantograph expert, Matt, together with his handiwork; the newly rebuilt SMC pantograph #659, which is now fitted to 8606. Photo by Lindsay Harvey

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