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8649 Transfer from Werris Creek


On the 2nd December 2019 Electric Locomotive 8649 was transferred from Werris Creek to Morandoo Yard (near Broadmeadow) in preparation to be lifted off its bogies at Cardiff workshops, to enable a full examination of the underframe. This was the first time 8649 had left the Werris Creek area in nearly 20 years. Following this inspection the locomotive is expected to be returned to Werris Creek for further recommissioning works.

Its around 7:00 am on Monday 2nd December 2019 in Pacific National's Werris Creek Loocomotive Maintenance Centre yard. 8649 is pictured coupled to 8131 ready to be transferred, with members of the PN and Progress Rail crew in discussion in front of the loco. Last minute actions were obtaining a spare portable radio, a tail light (as 8649 does not yet have new batteries), placing fire extinguishers in 8649, and doing a brake function test. Until its rescue 18 months previously, 8649 was due to be scrapped. PN's site supervisor reported the contractor had even visited the site, but was sent away due to incorrect paperwork. Photo by Hugh Burns

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