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8649 Transfer from Werris Creek


On the 2nd December 2019 Electric Locomotive 8649 was transferred from Werris Creek to Morandoo Yard (near Broadmeadow) in preparation to be lifted off its bogies at Cardiff workshops, to enable a full examination of the underframe. This was the first time 8649 had left the Werris Creek area in nearly 20 years. Following this inspection the locomotive is expected to be returned to Werris Creek for further recommissioning works.

We had quite a wait at Aberdeen waiting for coal trains to pass. So the opportunity was taken to visit a buffet facility for refreshments. While we have to investigate the waterproof integrity of the of main removable loco roof, which is planned to be removed for fitting the radio antennae, the rest of the loco has survived its extended storage surprisingly well due to the weather conditions at Werris Creek, the durable two-pack paint finish on the loco and its welded constuction minimising overlapped panel joins. Photo by Michael McGinty

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