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Stainless Steel Hitachi Carriages for Sale
Melbourne Hitachi Stainless Steel Electric Cars

Length: 75 feet
Width: 9 feet 6 in.
Gauge: 5 feet 3 in.
Have one for your property

For more information and costs involved:
Contact John Horne
Telephone 0407 900 551

The SETS Website has been a popular site for people inquiring about electric train preservation (the primary goal of SETS) and we are gratified about the level of interest shown in this organisation. Having our own rolling stock and our own operable electric locomotives puts us in a very strong position and the future for SETS is very exciting. Being involved in the preservation of electric trains we have also generated much interest from people wanting to have a retired electric carriage on their property for a bunkhouse, workshop, shed or even somewhere to set up a model train layout and we been unable to satisfy the demand for these carriages.

Well this is about to change!!!

John Horne, one of the prominent members of SETS was the organiser of the disposal of the first eight Hitachi carriages in late 2002 and early 2003. These carriages had been out of service for varying periods of time and whilst in much more original condition than the carriages presently in service all needed rectification work. Seven of these carriages have been transported to New South Wales by road and the eighth carriage, (93M) has been preserved by a group attached to Elecrail and Steamrail in Victoria. The carriages transported to NSW have been cleaned, had missing windows and doors reinstalled and have either been onsold or kept for display carriages and long term preservation in New South Wales because of their historical significance. For the enthusiasts reading this website 115M (the trial refurbishment motor car but still with an original exterior), 1998T (ex 305D) and 2013T (ex 310D), two of the last three carriages still with a gangway or end communication door at the driver?s end are for eventual preservation in NSW. 115M is located at Castlereagh and is currently having its interior being reconditioned, 1998T is at Molong with a one off timber interior (and could have been sold four or five times already) and 2013T is on the Hume Hwy at Coolac. This latter carriage has generated much interest from passing motorists and locals with some firm orders already been taken.

The next batch of carriages will be available in September 2003 and we have other orders from as far afield as Miles in Queensland and Murwillumbah in NSW. These carriages are 75 foot long, 9 foot 6 inches wide, have stainless steel panelling, completely open interiors and have lights that operate on 240 volts. The amount of space in these carriages has astounded many people who enquire about them and we are able to supply carriages either with a driver?s cab (suitable for a bathroom and toilet) or non-driving carriages with a complete open interior. If you are interested in acquiring one of these carriages call John on 0407 900 551 and he?ll be able to answer your enquiries or give you an idea of what a carriage will cost. The cost will include the cost of the carriage, the cost of the trucking, the cost of the escort vehicle, the cost of the craneage in Melbourne and other extras. However, the cost of craneage to unload the carriage is NOT included as some sites are easier to unload at than others. If necessary a site inspection can be organised and a guide given on what is involved in unloading a carriage. If any prospective buyer wants to have their carriage mounted on bogies there are additional costs involved in the cost of the bogies, the cost of transporting the bogies with an additional truck and more than likely a second crane will be required for the unloading operations. There will also be further costs involved with the purchase and transport of rails and sleepers. Buyers from outside Victoria should be aware that these carriages sit on 5 foot 3 inch gauge bogies and accordingly the rails have to be laid to this gauge. However, this should not deter the fair dinkum enthusiast: we already have one order from someone near Mudgee for a complete carriage.

Please do not e-mail or ring SETS if you are interested in these carriages: just call John on 0407 900 551 and he?ll give you an estimate on the cost of one of these carriages. Obviously the final cost will be determined by how far it is transported. It should be stressed that there is much interest in these carriages and it is suggested that you place an order in advance so that we can arrange our delivery schedules. Some of our buyers would prefer NSW or older carriages but it should be stressed that these carriages are in short supply. We can guide buyers to a Sydney electric carriage which has a new floor and air conditioning pods on its roof for $20,000 plus cartage and cranage at both ends or an old sleeping carriage for $10,000 plus cartage and cranage at both ends. We are also able to guide buyers to other older carriages for disposal but these carriages are in short supply as most people are reluctant to sell their carriages after they have gone to the trouble of purchasing and transporting carriages to their properties. Just remember: we are here to help and we hope we can sell you a carriage or advise you on such.

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