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Television Commercials


Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 6.4 or greater (or equivalent software) must be installed to view the files on this page.

Description: 60 second television commercial for Freight Services. Featuring :-
- new diesel loco 8101 in Candy
- electrified track with prominent overhead wiring
- Port Waratah coal loader
- loco hauled car carriers and hopper wagons
- mainframe computer facility in Railway House
- station Parcels Office and Trackfast parcel service.
Organisation: State Rail Authority of N.S.W.
Date: November 1982
Download: SRAdFr82 (2.34 MB)

Video resolution is 320x240 pixels at 25fps in AVI format. The average playback data rate is 40.4k per second (the lowest practicable). For best performance, we recommend downloading the entire file to play it from your hard disk. (To do this, right click on hyperlink and select Save Target/Link As...). With a dial-up connection and a transfer rate of 4.5k per second, it will take about 9 minutes to download. Broadband will be significantly faster.

The video stream is encoded using MPEG-4 and the audio is encoded using MPEG-1 Layer 3. Due to the heavy compression used, the playback PC needs at least a 333MHz Pentium II CPU to ensure smooth motion. For optimum performance we recommend a Pentium III processor or better. In summary, if your PC is less than 5 years old it should be OK. We welcome your feedback by email to report any problems or report success with non-PC hardware or alternative PC operating systems.

This video file is made available for the purposes of research, study and review on an experimental basis only.

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