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 Collectables - 86/85/80 Class Reproduction Numberboards

Select And Purchase Your Favourite 86/85/80 Class Numberboard!

As background, 8606 seems to have had four versions of its numberboard. The original square typeface in the colours of prototype orange, as built and into service with mid-blue, and later refurbished over-painted black. Sometime after the loco was repainted to blue, it received its current "new" blue boards with a typeface similar to Estrangelo Edessa.

We have sourced borrowed original 86 Class numberboards to carefully measure the original typeface details to enable it to be redrawn from scratch. We also used photographs showing the boards to get all the details as correct as possible.

The dimensions of the 86/85/80 Class number boards are: 491mm x 200.5mm x 6 mm thick with 70mm radius corners, in cast acrylic. The lettering is sized around 150mm x 100mm in a custom square typeface. There is currently no known match to this typeface available on the internet. We have also made the best match to the original 86 grey-blue background colour.

We have measured 85 and 80 Class numberboards to confirm they are the same size as the 86 class. If you want to install replica number boards in a locomotive we still recommend you verify the original numberboard dimensions and confirm these with your order.

We are currently awaiting the second production of sample boards for 8649, which are due around the end of November 2019. These are previewed here on the left, showing all numerals. Once we have verified these and show photographs of the finished versions here (so everyone knows exactly what they are getting), we will then be in a position to take orders.

Pricing is still to be determined based on quantities, but a likely guide range would be $130-$200 each.

You can express interest or ask questions via our Facebook post on this topic. We are experiencing strong interest in this item, but there is no limit on quantities able to be made at this stage.

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