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 "Blue Mountains Trains" DVD-Video

by Andrew Coble

The Blue Mountains of New South Wales present a formidable natural barrier between Australia's largest population centre and the bountiful West of the State and points beyond. Every day, railway traffic must struggle against steep grades and tight curves in order to conquer this obstacle.

This two DVD set covers the period 2006 to 2010, and captures the full variety of workings from Kingswood to Lithgow over that period. It includes freight, interurban and long distance passenger, as well as special and one off trains. It has been filmed in both day and night and in all weather conditions. This is a production for those that like to watch the passing parade and for those that will keep this as a record of the ever changing railway landscape.

The highlights of regular workings include:

  • Up to 4 C class on coal trains during the period when this class was prominent as lead units
  • Lash-ups of up to 5 locos on coal trains including C, 82, 81, G and DL classes
  • Triple DL class on a Patrick working
  • Vintage S, 600, K and 48 class units on sleeper and maintenance trains
  • Workings with RL, MZ, GL and VL class units
  • Workings which have now passed into history such as Trailerail, fuel trains, Patrick intermodal and the ARG Manildra contract.

    The rare and one off workings include:

  • AK car inspection workings
  • C class on transfer of withdrawn 86 class electric locos
  • The Southern Spirit tour train
  • 4501 on a breakdown crane transfer
  • AN6 leading a Patrick service
  • C set EMU on a test trip to Springwood
  • A 5 light engine transfer for ARG.

    Duration 134 minutes over 2 discs. Filmed in Hi-Fi Digital. PAL

    $45.00 each [ incl postage and handling ]

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