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 "Premier State C-Class" DVD-Video

by Andrew Coble

During the first part of the 21st Century the former Victorian Railways' C Class locomotives started a second career becoming a regular feature in New South Wales. This production chronicles the use of this venerable class by various operators including Silverton, Pacific National, Qube, Southern Shorthaul Railroad, South Spur and others on different services including heavy haul coal, containerised coal, containers, grain and other movements.

Particular highlights include:-

  • The transfer of withdrawn electric locomotives 8622 and 8609 from Chullora to Lithgow for storage
  • A run to Charbon colliery on the scenic Mudgee line
  • A spectacular cross of two triple sets of C class at Lithgow yard
  • Quadruple C class ascending Cowan bank and then accelerating from a standing start at Cowan station
  • Rare footage of a push pull C class working to the Werris Creek coal loader on behalf of Mountain Industries and loading at the same location
  • Footage inside the control cabin of the Werris Creek coal loader.

    In addition you will see all members of the C class (other than C501) working in numerous multiple unit lash ups with 45, 48, 442, 80, 82, 600, L, GM, S, G, DL, BL, and BRM classes in all weather over the most scenic New South Wales locations such as the Blue Mountains, the Mudgee Line, the West, the Short North and the Liverpool Range.

    Duration 140 minutes. Filmed in Hi-Fi Digital. PAL

    $35.00 each [ incl postage and handling ]

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