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  • SETS has been running electric train and related tours for nearly 30 years. Our electric train tours have been conducted with State Rail's/Railcorp's/Sydney Trains's fleet and with SETS's own locomotives. Many of these tours have commemorated the last revenue service of particular types of rolling stock or last use of sections of the Sydney railway infrastructure. We have covered the majority of the electrified Greater Sydney area over the years, and many of our routes include traversal of lines often not seen by the regular commuter. Other tours we have conducted are of railway, tram, bus or other heritage significance - from disused railway tunnels, to train manufacturers, maintenance centres, museums, power stations, and even the BHP steel works. Once again, many of our destinations include places that are usually not accessible by the public.

    The following list summarises all of our tours SETS has conducted in the past - back to when SETS was founded. The list is in reverse chronological order - most recent tours are at the top, while our first ever tour is at the bottom of this page. To short-cut to any particular year of this list, click on your preferred year on this list to the right. Many of the more recent tours have a link to the original advertisement for the tour. Click on the tour name to view the advertisement.

    Upcoming tours are announced on this website. We are yet to announce our next tour, but check back here for updates. If you would like to be notified by email when our next tour is announced please email us.

    Train trips or tours can be arranged for private or commercial functions. For a stylish way to entertain your guests or a practical way of moving your group, see Special Train Hirings for more details.

    Sunday 21st July 2019 S-Set Farewell Tour
    Saturday 14th May 2016 Fire and Water Tour
    Saturday 12th March 2016 Quay to the Coast Tour
    Saturday 18th April 2015 Steamfest Express
    Sunday 22nd March 2015 Sydney Forts Tour
    Saturday 25th October 2014 Full Steam to Dorrigo Tour
    Saturday 18th May 2013 Port Kembla Steel Tour
    Saturday 13th April 2013 Steamfest Express
    Saturday 22nd December 2012 New and Old Electrics Tour
    Saturday 14th July 2012 Wolgan Valley Railway Tour
    Saturday 31st March 2012 South Coast Chopper Tour
    Thursday 19th January 2012 Transfer of 8607
    Sunday 30th October 2011 The Oberon Explorer Tour
    Saturday 24th September 2011 The Highlands Escarpment Tour
    Saturday 25th June 2011 The Suburban Interurban Tour
    Saturday 22nd January 2011 The Roundhouse New Year Tour
    Saturday 13th November 2010 Daring Harbour Steam Cruise
    Saturday 26th June 2010 Comeng Crossover Conquest
    Saturday 13th March 2010 Powerhouse & Rogan's Hill Discovery Tour
    Sunday 14th December 2008 SETS Sydney Tramway Museum Christmas Party
    Sunday 12th October 2008 Valley Heights Steam Tramway and Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum
    Sunday 28th January 2007 Double Decker Tramway Sizzle
    Saturday 4th February 2006 Numeralla Alco Limited
    Saturday 29th October 2005 Terrain Tunnel Push-Pull Tour
    Saturday 20th August 2005 Eastern Seaboard Double Header
    Saturday 28th May 2005 First Passenger Electric Sesqui-Centenary Tour
    Sunday 27th June 2004 Changing Flyer Tour
    Sunday 21st March 2004 Skyway Farewell Tour
    Saturday 10th January 2004 Goulburn Mystery Tour
    Saturday 6th December 2003 8606 Return to the North Tour
    Sunday 10th August 2003 Live Steam & Electric Carriage Tour
    Saturday 14th June 2003 8606 Celebration Tour
    Saturday 8th March 2003 Ocean & Harbour 46-class Tour
    Saturday 7th December 2002 Airport Coalfields 46-class Tour
    Saturday 7th September 2002 86 Class Farewell
    Saturday 3rd August 2002 Mortdale & Kogarah Explorer
    Sunday 30th June 2002 Promote Hawkesbury Cruise
    Sunday 19th May 2002 Campbelltown Steam Museum
    Saturday 13th April 2002 Maintrain Inspection
    Sunday 24th February 2002 White Bay Power House
    Saturday 19th January 2002 North by North West Tour
    Sunday 9th December 2001 Christmas at Goulburn
    Saturday 17th November 2001 Kiama to Dapto Electrifcation Project
    Saturday 27th October 2001 The Sputnik Suburban
    Sunday 7th October 2001 Cockatoo Island & North Head Quarantine Station
    Saturday 1st September 2001 The Airport Explorer
    Saturday 4th August 2001 XPT Service Centre & Bus & Truck Museum
    Sunday 1st July 2001 Steam to Royalla
    Saturday 16th June 2001 The Ships & Planes Tour
    Saturday 19th May 2001 Flemington Maintenance Centre
    Saturday 21st April 2001 The Lithgow Explorer
    Saturday 24th March 2001 DELEC & Sandown Branch
    Saturday 3rd March 2001 75th Anniversary of First Electric Train
    Saturday 17th February 2001 Dulwich Hill via Darling St Wharf
    Saturday 9th December 2000 Tramways Old and New
    Saturday 4th November 2000 The Millenium and Toronto Tour
    Saturday 14th October 2000 Abandoned Branch Line Walk
    Saturday 9th September 2000 Balmoral via Lilyfield
    Saturday 19th August 2000 The Goninan and Newcastle Explorer
    Saturday 8th July 2000 Hornsby and Hawkesbury
    Saturday 17th June 2000 Valley Heights via Museum of Fire
    Sunday 7th May 2000 Clarence Power Contura
    Sunday 9th April 2000 Steaming Down to Albion Park
    Saturday 4th March 2000 Lapstone Zig Zag via The Powerhouse
    Saturday 5th February 2000 South Coast Illawanderer
    Sunday 12th December 1999 Thirlmere For Christmas
    Sunday 28th November 1999 Eveleigh Central Insight
    Sunday 17th October 1999 U-Boats In The Coalfields
    Saturday 4th September 1999 Steel City Contura Tour
    Saturday 21st August 1999 The Pylon Tunnel Walk
    Saturday 24th July 1999 Bondi to Goods Line Tour (Celebration of 20th Anniversary of Eastern Suburbs Railway)
    Saturday 19th December 1998 Twilight Tramway Christmas
    Saturday 12th December 1998 The Lithgow Contura
    Sunday 4th October 1998 4615 Movement to State Mine
    Saturday 5th September 1998 Ropes Creek Revisited
    Saturday 4th July 1998 Maintrain Workshops Tour
    Saturday 14th February 1998 Double Decker History Tour
    Sunday 14th December 1997 Christmas Twilight Tramway Tour
    Sunday 30th November 1997 Newcastle 200 Tour
    Saturday 18th October 1997 Powerhouse Museum Castle Hill Store Visit
    Sunday 17th August 1997 Steaming up to Richmond Vale
    Saturday 17th May 1997 The Triangle Tour
    Saturday 8th March 1997 K-set to Kick Off 1997 Tour
    Sunday 9th February 1997 Box Vale Walking Tour
    Saturday 14th December 1996 Why use the Y-link Tour
    Sunday 3rd November 1996 Farewell to the U-Boats Tour
    Saturday 12th October 1996 St James (Tunnels) Walking Tour
    Saturday 14th September 1996 Goninans Visit
    Saturday 10th August 1996 Northern Reds Tour
    Saturday 1st June 1996 Freight Rail U-Boat Tour
    Saturday 2nd March 1996 70th Anniversary of the First Electric Train Tour
    Saturday 10th February 1996 Suburban Goose Tour
    Sunday 28th January 1996 Above the Wires Tour - Part 2
    Sunday 10th December 1995 Above the Wires Tour - Part 1
    Saturday 4th November 1995 Tramway Twilight Tour
    Saturday 16th September 1995 Illawarra Wanderer Tour
    Saturday 3rd June 1995 Goninans Visit
    Saturday 20th May 1995 The Paterson Tour
    Saturday 8th April 1995 Steamfest (to Campbelltown Steam Traction Museum)
    Saturday 4th February 1995 Gosford to Lithgow Tour
    Sunday 11th December 1994 Cowan to Campbelltown End of Year Tour
    Saturday 22nd October 1994 A Visit to the Royal National Park Tour
    Saturday 20th August 1994 Across the Great Divide Tour (to Zig Zag)
    Sunday 5th June 1994 Half Yearly Tour Special (to Richmond)
    Saturday 7th May 1994 The Paterson Tour
    Saturday 5th March 1994 The Sputniks' Send Off
    Saturday 5th February 1994 The Terminating Tour
    Saturday 11th December 1993 Shooting Through to the Loftus Tram
    Saturday 18th September 1993 Sydney's Red Single Deckers Return
    Saturday 14th August 1993 Zig Zag Over the Great Divide
    Saturday 10th July 1993 The First M1 Tour
    Saturday 15th May 1993 The Carlingford Inter-City
    Saturday 20th February 1993 Sailing a U-Boat from Dapto to Bondi
    Saturday 5th December 1992 Twilight Mystery Tour (to Lavender Bay and Richmond)
    Saturday 17th October 1992 Revisit Elcar and Mortdale
    Saturday 19th September 1992 An Outer Western Red Revisited
    Saturday 13th June 1992 W-set on the Illawarra
    Saturday 9th May 1992 Visit to Elcar and cars stored at Mortdale Maintenance Centre
    Friday 10th January 1992 Farewell CityRail's Red Single Deck Trains

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