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Powerhouse & Rogan's Hill Discovery Tour
Veteran Bus to Powerhouse Museum Store


Join us as we visit the Powerhouse Museums Discovery Centre at Castle Hill, and see some significant pieces of Sydneys street transport history, from trams to doubledecker buses. There are also a great many cultural artifacts to interest just about everybody. In addition, the theme on the day of our visit will be Modes of Transport.

After the Powerhouse and a lunch break at Castle Hill shops, we will explore the remnants of the former branch line that ran from Westmead to Rogans Hill from 1923 to 1932, retracing the original route as closely as possible and photographing what traces are left of this ill-fated branch line. Travel will be by an ex-government Mercedes articulated "bendy-bus".

Our tour will start from outside Sydney Terminal at 9.00am, then pick-up at Strathfield station (9.25) and Parramatta station (9.45). Dropping off at the same stations, we will return to Central station by 4.30pm.

Copies of the book "The Apricot Mail" will be available for purchase on the day. This book by Bruce S. Irwin details the history of the Westmead - Rogan's Hill Railway, including stories, photographs, timetables and diagrammes. Price for tour patrons is $25.

SETS Member - Concession: $30;
SETS Member - Children (5-18 years): $35;
Non-member - Adult: $40;
Non-member - Concessions $35; and
Non-member - Children (5-18 years): $35.

Bus travel and admission is all-inclusive.

To book your place on this tour, please print and complete a booking form html or pdf format and post with your payment to the address below, or call the Infoline and let us know how many places you wish to reserve.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864, email us or write to:

The Bookings Officer
SETS Tours
PO Box 275
Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.
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