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Roundhouse New Year Tour
A visit to the Regional Heritage Transport Association Museum in Junee


Come and join SETS as we head south west for a visit to the Regional Heritage Transport Association Museum in the Riverina town of Junee.

The museum is based in the historic Junee Roundhouse and has one of the few working roundhouse turntables, it is also one of the largest at 30 metres. In addition to SETS electric locomotives 4615 and 8606 as well as single deck Interurban cars CF 5003 and 5021, the Museum also has a number of items you cannot see anywhere else in Australia, such as the only working steam driven accident crane and a mail carriage that allows the mail to be sorted in transit! The Roundhouse is still actively engaged in its original purpose, while one half is a museum, the other still operates as a railway refit workshop. Our tour will feature a luxury coach trip to the Junee Roundhouse where we will be welcomed with a barbecue lunch and guided tour of the museum. Our tour will commence from outside Platform 1 at Sydney Terminal with a 6:00am departure and will travel direct to Junee via the M5 Motorway. There will be no other pick up or set down locations on this tour.

Return is expected to be approximately 8:00pm to Sydney Terminal.

The Fares are:
Adults $90,
Concessions $80
Children (5 18 years) $60
Family Fare (1-2 adults with their children) $150
Your fare includes coach trip, entry to the museum and the barbecue lunch. Please book early as places are strictly limited to 48 persons. Confirmation of your booking will be made by receipt or phone from a Society representative.

MUSEUM FOOTWEAR REQUIREMENTS: As we will be visiting a workshop environment, all visitors are required to wear full leather shoes (i.e.. no thongs, sandals or sneakers).

To book your place on this tour, please print and complete a booking form html or pdf format and post with your payment to the address below, or call the Infoline and let us know how many places you wish to reserve.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864, email us or write to:

The Booking Officer
SETS Tours
PO Box 275
Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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