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SETS Tours and Events - XPT Service Centre & Bus & Truck Museum

This tour will give everyone the opportunity to inspect the XPT Service Centre at Meeks Road. Our “behind-the-scenes” inspection will be timed to witness one of the XPT sets arrive from Sydney Terminal and go through the “wash cycle” and preparation for its next journey. We will also be shown the various aspects of the Centre that are responsible for the upkeep of the XPT fleet.

After the conclusion of our inspection of the XPT Service Centre, a short lunch break will be followed by a guided tour of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Association’s Bus & Truck Museum at the old Tempe tram depot. As well as inspecting the vintage ex-government & private buses and other vehicles, we will also inspect parts of the museum not normally accessible to the general public. Our tour will depart from Sydney Terminal outside Platform 1 at 11:00am and we will return to the same stop at Sydney Terminal at 4:30pm.

Adults $30, Concessions $25 and Children (under 18 years) $20. This fare include entry fees for the Bus & Truck Museum and travel by vintage ex-government bus.

Please note tickets will not be mailed out prior to the tour but your booking will be confirmed by email or phone.
Please assist us by sending in your booking as soon as possible.

A Booking Form is available to print out and mail with your payment.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864 or email us.

SETS Tours and Events
PO Box 275

Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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