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SETS Tours and Events - Cockatoo Island & Quarantine Station

Photos: John Clifton
The Society takes to the waters of Sydney Harbour for this visit to Cockatoo Island and the North Head Quarantine Station. Travel for most of the day will be by ferry, except for a return bus connection from Manly to North Head.

We will meet opposite the CityRail Ticket Office, outside the barriers at Circular Quay Station at 9:15am in order to catch our ferry connection to Cockatoo Island. Since the late 19th Century, Cockatoo Island played a significant part in the nation’s maritime history until recent years, reaching its pinnacle as the major shipbuilder of the Pacific during World War II. We will be able to inspect the remnants of a century of shipbuilding infrastructure which is currently awaiting future restoration.

Following our visit to Cockatoo Island we will return to Circular Quay to catch another ferry to Manly for a lunch break on the Corso (or wherever you prefer!), thence by bus to the North Head Quarantine Station. This unique facility was used to quarantine new immigrants from the early 19th century until its closure in 1984. It provides a fascinating insight into the hazards faced by immigrants over the years, as well as the different social and racial attitudes they faced when they arrived in Australia.

We intend to return to Circular Quay at approximately 5:45pm, where the tour will conclude.

IMPORTANT: We are only allowed a maximum of 20 persons at Cockatoo Island and 30 persons at North Head Quarantine Station. Please state on your booking form if you wish to visit either one or both. If you only wish to visit one, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements. Please note that leather shoes must be worn at Cockatoo Island.

Concessions &
Children(6-18 years)
The fare covers admission to Cockatoo Island, North Head, the guided tours and the return bus connection from Manly to North Head, but not the ferry travel. To make all travel on the day easier, it is recommended that you purchase either a Day Tripper ticket for $13 or a Pensioner Excursion (if applicable) to cover all ferry travel (as well as public transport to & from Circular Quay station if required).

A Booking Form is available to print out and mail with your payment.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864 or email us.

SETS Tours and Events
PO Box 275

Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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