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SETS Tours and Events - Airport Coalfields 46 Class Tour

Photo by Roy Howarth

Join us for a day out on a vintage electric 46 class loco hauled vintage train.

The forty 46 class locomotives were built by Metropolitan-Vickers Beyer-Peacock in Britain. They were shipped out to Australia and placed in service between May 1956 and December 1958. The last 16 operational units were withdrawn from service in January 1996.

Our all day tour is expected to feature locomotive 4615 hauling a consist of vintage carriages with lift-up windows. This will be the first operation of the locomotive outside Lithgow for some years. The route will include some goods line sections and some suburban lines not seen by these locos. It will be an enthusiast’s event not to be missed.

Additional highlights of the trip are expected to include a visit to Olympic Park, the City Circle and Airport Line. With de-electrification of the Clarence Colliery balloon loop imminent it is planned this will be the last electric train around the loop. Numerous photo stops have also been allowed along the route.

Our tour will commence with a 8:53 am departure from Central, proceeding to Olympic Park via Sefton Park Junction and the goods lines. We return to the City Circle proceeding to Campbelltown via the Airport Line and East Hills. At Campbelltown there is a 45 minute break while the loco changes ends, during which lunch may also be purchased.

We will then proceed to Katoomba via the Harris Park Y-link After a 20 minute break at Katoomba, we continue to Mount Victoria and the Clarence Colliery loop. We will set down at Mt Victoria at 4:48 then various stops on the way, finally returning to Central around 7:31 pm.

A buffet service will also be available on the train.

THE FARES ARE: Adults $94, Concessions $79 and Children (5-18 years) $47. Family fare $170.

A Booking Form is available to print out and mail with your payment.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864 or email us.

SETS Tours and Events
PO Box 275

Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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