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Final Ride on the existing Scenic Skyway (and a ride on the Scenic Railway)

SUNDAY 21st MARCH 2004

Photographs from
Katoomba Scenic Railway
and Tourism NSW.

Come and enjoy a special vintage electric transport ride with a difference! The original Katoomba Scenic Skyway has operated from 1958 and is now about to be closed for complete replacement. Thus we are running a special farewell trip, before it closes, to mark the occasion.

The day will include a return ride on each of the Skyway and Scenic Railway. It also includes a specially arranged inspection of the Skyway machinery room, holding the equipment and controls that work the system. This will be a final chance to ride the existing equipment.

If you have been before, you can join us to experience it for one last time, if you have never been on it - this is your last chance. At the same time you can experience the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

The Katoomba Scenic Railway was built in 1878 to transport coal up from a mine in the Jamison Valley into which the railway runs. The railway descends 415 metres, at a maximum gradient of 52 degrees, making it one of the worlds steepest incline railways. However unlike most redundant industrial railways, it has survived by being converted to passenger use, and has operated in its present form since the 1920s.

Our trip will also include a return ride on this spectacular engineering marvel, with time at the bottom to briefly explore part of the valley and see evidence of the abandoned mine works.

After our ride on the skyway and railway we will return to Katoomba for a 40 minute break for lunch.

Following lunch on the return trip we will briefly visit the three sisters, and then Govetts Leap (near Blackheath) to see impressive views over the Grose Valley.

Our tour will depart from Strathfield Railway Station exit opposite the roundabout on the Platform 1 side at 10:00am. We expect to return to Strathfield around 4:30pm.

THE FARES ARE: Adults $40, Concessions $35 and Children (5-18 years) $20. Family fare $50. The fares include travel by bus and return rides on the scenic skyway and railway. Confirmation of receipt of your booking will be made by phone.

Please note we recommended patrons wear comfortable footwear suitable for walking. Enclosed leather footwear should be worn if you wish to join the inspection of the equipment.

A Booking Form is available to print out and mail with your payment.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864, email us or write to:

The Bookings Officer
SETS Tours
PO Box 275
Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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