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Electric Loco 4615 and Steam Loco 3801 to Newcastle

SUNDAY 27th JUNE 2004

Photographs courtesy Michael McGinty & 3801 Ltd.

Join the Society and 3801 Limited on a day trip to enjoy early 1960s motive power in the form of a vintage electric loco to Gosford and a steam engine on to Newcastle.

Our all day tour will feature 4615 and 3801 hauling a consist of vintage carriages with lift-up windows.

3801 was built by Clyde Engineering of Granville between January 1943 and March 1945. It was one of the first five of the class built streamlined and was initially painted grey before being painted green in 1946. Its design maximum speed was 128 km/h. 4615 was built by Metropolitan-Vickers Beyer-Peacock and entered service in January 1957.

Relive the days of the Newcastle Flyer, with an engine change en route, as electric locomotive 4615 works the train to Gosford, before 3801 takes over for the run to Newcastle. On the return 4615 will come on in the lead as the bank engine at Gosford. Enjoy riding the gradients of the Hawkesbury in spectacular scenery behind an electric locomotive. It will be an enthusiasts event not to be missed.

Our tour will commence with an 9:22 am departure from Central with pick-ups at Strathfield (9:33) and Hornsby (9:54), proceeding via the main north to Gosford. Here we make a stop for 10 minutes to change locos for the run to Newcastle.

We have a lunchbreak at Newcastle for one and three quarter hours. We then depart for Sydney at 1:45 pm, stopping at Gosford to take water, and attach 4615 for the climb up Cowan Bank. 4615 detaches at Hornsby.

There will be an opportunity to take photos at various stops made on the way and details will be provided on board.

Set downs are at Hornsby (4:17) and Strathfield (4:43). The trip concludes at Central at around 4:57 pm.

MEMBERS FARES ARE: Adults $90, Concessions $80 and Children (5-18 years) $60. Family fare (see form) $180. Members bookings should be made through the Society and seating is limited.

Buffet car attached. Light refreshments available on the train.

A Booking Form is available to print out and mail with your payment.

For further information, please call our Infoline on (02) 9526 1864, email us or write to:

The Bookings Officer
SETS Tours
PO Box 275
Broadway NSW 2007

If you would like to be notified when our next tour is announced
please email us.

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